Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pacific Orientation Course (POC)

We plan to arrive in Papua New Guinea on August 24th! We’ll be in training for 3 ½ months. The first 8 weeks of POC are in Nobnob located 12 miles from Madang on the northern coast of PNG. It is 1200 feet above sea level. The average temperature is 85 degrees with high humidity. Classes include Melanesian Pidgin (the local trade language), medical information and anthropology to help adapt to the culture. One of the activities will be a 3 day survey hike and weekly visits with a local host family.

The second phase of POC will be village living for 5 weeks. We will live with a host family and learn about the people and have lots of opportunities to practice the trade language.

The final week of POC will be back at the Nobnob center for one week of regrouping, sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. After this our family will move to Ukarumpa, the mission center!

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M&T said...

wow, this sounds like fun!