Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today we ended our time with our language teacher.  He’s a national named Bart (pronounced Bot).  We’ve met with him about 3 times each week for 4+ weeks.  He has been so patient with our small group!  There were some embarrassing blunders along the way; one day I was trying to tell him something about Rachel and I didn’t realize I was talking about my wife! (Laura) After our language lesson we have tea time and try to converse. 


Yesterday each student shared a 2 or 3 minute testimony in Tok Pisin.  Today each small group performed a skit to poke fun at ourselves and also honor our teacher.  In two weeks we head to village living and we’ll return to our training center after 5 weeks in the village.  The students will have one week left here and then we’ll head to our new home in Ukarumpa.  During our last week here we’ll have one more chance to meet with Bart and share our village experiences. 


In Papua New Guinea the main thing people have are relationships.  You spend time with someone here and you become a part of the fabric of their lives and they never forget you.   It was moving saying goodbye to Bart.  He told us that if we don’t see each other again here, we’ll see each other On Top.  I’m thankful for our brother in Christ. 


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