Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Close quarters

There are 13 families here and 4 single women and 2 young couples without kids.  There are  33 kids here, 19 boys and 14 girls. The kids range from a 12 year old to a 1 year old so there are always kids for everybody to play with.  I feel sorry for the singles and those without kids because there is almost always a night where at least one kids cries.  The windows are just screens and none of the walls have insulation so you can imagine how the sound carries.  So far everyone seems to be getting along well.  Sunday we go to a local church.  We are told that the service starts at 10:00 but very few people have clocks or watches and they are not very time oriented.  They ring the first bell to remind people to get up.  The second bell is to   tells people to start walking and the third bell is when it starts.  The custom here is that men sit on the left and woman sit on the right.  We are going to stand up and introduce ourselves and our family so I had better start practicing. 



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