Friday, September 19, 2008

Watch family visit

While we are at training we are assigned a family as our Was family or watch family that lives in a nearby village.  Last week we had them for dinner at our training facility.  This week we went to their village for dinner.  We brought rice and beef stew which is a treat for them because they don’t get meat too often.   They generally eat one large meal a day and have snacks at other times.  We all sat on the floor and ate.  Their kids ate about as much as I did.  Our Was mama served us KauKau which is a sweet potato dish that was in coconut milk and had tulip green mixed in.  I wasn’t sure what it would taste like but it was delicious!  Our kids even ate a lot.  There were a lot of silent moments where I was trying to formulate Tok Pisin words to say something.


Papa and one of his 3 daughters came and walked us to their home which was about 1 mile away down a steep hill.  They have 2 separate buildings, one for sleeping and one for cooking.  We were surprised at how little material things they had yet they seemed happy.   We brought the game UNO and taught them how to play.  Rachel brought some Polly Pockets and the girls enjoyed playing with them.  I was just trying to imagine what was going through their heads looking at these miniature dolls with all the little accessories. 


Their house was on the edge of a ridge and the outhouse was about 50 yards down a very steep hill.  Our kids wanted to use it several times and were very curious about it.  It was a little house with bamboo walls and a very deep hole on the middle, no seat.   On our way back home I carried Jessica on my shoulders up a very steep hill and was sweating like crazy.  Their daughter who was carrying our bags offered to carry Jessica and I said no thanks in between gasps of air.  They are all in awesome shape from walking up and down the mountain every day. 


It is a  blessing to have patient teachers to help us along in learning the Tok Pisin language.  We’re having dinner again next week and the week after that we’ll spend the night in their village.

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