Monday, October 20, 2008


Butelgut was the second village we spent the night at on our 3 day hike.  We ate dinner and made popcorn for the family after dinner which they really liked.  This village had many more kids and Paul let them take turns pumping water with his filter.  After dinner we told stories and showed them pictures we brought from home.  We had a picture of David and Paul in front of Mt. Rushmore when they were kids.  It took a while to explain about how big the faces are and why they created it.  They asked if George Bush had his face carved on it.  They asked me to explain 9/11 to them and that took quite a while to explain. 


One of the big sources of entertainment was to take pictures of them and let them look at it afterward.  Every picture we took we would have a swarm of about 15 kids crowding around us and laugh.  There was one man visiting the village that they said was bush true.  I think that meant that he had never been to a city before.  He was fascinated when he saw his picture.  They also love to touch Paul’s head.  Several of the kids showed us how fast they can climb up a coconut tree.  Even the little kids seem very grown up and carry around very sharp bush knifes.  We brought UNO and they loved playing that.  Later in the evening several of the girls sang a few beautiful songs for us.


Here is a description of some of the pictures:

It is common for a man to offer Buai to someone when he passes or enters his house (I will blog about Buai or Betel nut later)

Women washing clothes and dishes in the river

One of the boys climbing a Buai tree

The village house we stayed in.  This one is 2 stories and is the biggest one we have seen yet.  The men all sleep on the upper level and the woman on the bottom level

A village house under construction.  The houses in this village use all materials obtained from the jungle

A man explains the process of growing and preparing rice to eat

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