Thursday, December 18, 2008

Animals in PNG

We have seen some amazing animals, bugs and birds during our time in PNG.  We don’t always think to take a picture when we see them but here are some we have captured on camera.  The animal with the curly tail is called a Kapul and spends most of its time in the trees. I have heard several of the PNG people tell me that they hunt them with a bow and arrow and if they don’t kill it when shot that it will pull the arrow out of itself and use it against you.  I am usually prey skeptical but I asked several people and they told me the same thing.  The kids were able to see a large butterfly come out of its cocoon.  We saw lots of giant beautifully colored butterflies.


There were lots of great birds.  We never were able to see a Bird of Paradise, the bird on the PNG flag, but our was family gave us the feather from one they had shot.  They use these feathers as decorations when they have special celebrations. 


There are lots of wild pigs and pigs raised inside a fence.  A large pig is very expensive and when someone dies in a village the family of the deceased is expected to buy one for a feast after the funeral.  Also a custom not practiced too much anymore is that when a man marries a woman he must give the woman’s family a pig as the bride price. 


Our village had a pet parrot named Bobo that would imitate what I heard or people said.  When we first got to the village Jessica had a bad cough so the parrot would imitate her coughing. 

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