Friday, January 9, 2009

Trip to the Doctor #...(I've lost count)

Rachel had a fever Saturday;  Sunday she was fine.  Monday she had a fever; Tuesday she was fine.  This afternoon she had a fever over 103 degrees.  We’ve come to learn that this pattern usually means one thing – Malaria.  I called Paul and asked him to come home from work and take Rachel to the doctor.  The clinic is closed on Wednesdays due to lack of staffing (any nurses or doctors want to come join us here?). On the other side of the clinic is a walk-in clinic which is available for nationals as well as missionaries.  It is staffed by nationals and cost two kina which is less than a dollar. (The Papua New Guinea medical system in socialized but the clinic we usually go to is not). The nurse took a blood sample and we got a call about an hour later – Rachel has two kinds of Malaria.  Malaria cycles and one minute you’re feeling horrible and the next your just about fine only to do it all over again.  Fortunately tonight Rachel felt good and was able to enjoy Daniel’s birthday celebration.  Please pray for our health. 

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