Friday, February 27, 2009


Buai is a huge part of PNG life. People will sit around for many hours telling stories while chewing it. The ingredients include the buai nut, lime (kambang) and mustard stick (daka). The lime is made either from crushed coral or from shells that has been heated over a fire. All three ingredients are chewed together and it gives the chewer a stimulant effect.

I don't know how somebody thought up mixing these ingredients together.

Buai only grows in the areas near the coast. It is a huge cash crop for the people from our village.

When they spit it leaves a dark red spot on the ground.

The trees are very tall and skinny so they send the young boys up to harvest it. Daniel and Michael learned to climb but never got high enough to reach the nuts.

Many of the people who chew it have stained red teeth and lips. PNG women call it PNG lipstick.

Here is a video I took of a man demonstrating how to chew buai

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