Monday, February 9, 2009

Driving in PNG

Driving in PNG is so much different than in the US. We didn’t think we’d be driving while we are here but some friends of ours who went on a furlough before Christmas offered to let us use their 4 wheel drive Toyota Hilux diesel truck. It has an extended cab and has a bench so we can actually seat 8 people. It has turned out to be a huge blessing to us and to others.

Technically you drive on the left side of the road but everybody drives down the middle of the road because there are no shoulder and you don’t want to hit a pedestrian.

I have never seen a speed limit sign or road signs for that matter. There are some road signs in the large cities but you better know where you are going if you drive somewhere.

Lots of potholes and ruts in the road. Sometimes the road will be washed out completely.

There are not always bridges over rivers and sometimes you have to drive across the river. Diesels are good for this because they are less apt to stall since they don’t have an ignition system.

No drivers test, all you have to do is pay K60 which is a little less than $30 US.

If you hit a person, dog or pig you don’t stop. You drive to the nearest police station. Often if a person gets hit their friends or relatives will retaliate against you.

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