Saturday, February 7, 2009

Village feuding

There is a village just outside the fence here at the mission center.  It is generally a peaceful area but one family has been causing trouble for quite some time.  Two weeks ago some of the villagers were fed up and decided to action against the troublemakers.  The man’s house was burned and three men scaled the fence and came into the center to try to find safety from angry men. They were armed with homemade guns and bush knives and eventually others were near the fence with bows and arrows but were turned away.


 We have an alarm that sounds like an air raid signal.  It was sounded alerting everyone to get in their houses and lock the doors.  We weren’t truly afraid  but it was unsettling to not know what was going on.  The mission center has an online message board and we checked it every few minutes.  After about 20 minutes there was information about the situation and after a while we were told that the men had been escorted off center.  They had no intention of harming anyone here but the directors wanted to make sure no one was caught in the middle of the fighting if it moved on center.


There are a lot of great safety measures in place here to keep us secure.  We have a 24 hour security team that contracts with the center  as well a team of missionary men that are on call at all times.  We thank the Lord for His protection and that we can rest in His good care regardless of what circumstances look like!



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