Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trip to Kainantu

Yesterday  we decided to drive to Kainantu after lunch.  You never know just what’s going to happen when driving off center so  we left the kids with a sitter.  Kainantu is about 15 minutes away and the next closest town, Goroka, is 2 hours away.  The scenery on the way is beautiful but there’s a lot of garbage along the road and just a little strip of stores.  Someone told us it’s the armpit of the Highlands but for us it was a big event to get off center and shop in more than one store!


 While driving we were cautious  because there has been a lot of fighting going on in one of the villages near the center.  You can see the tall Kunai grass that grows right up to the edge of the road.  This really makes it hard to drive because there are a lot of pedestrians that walk along the road.  We tried to drive down the middle of the road and honked our horn when going around a corner.


There are 2 second hand clothes stores there.  There are some really nice inexpensive clothes there despite the scary appearance of the store.  They buy big bales of clothes from Australia and then resell them.


We drove up to a grocery store and our truck was one of two vehicles parked there despite there are hundreds of people walking along the streets.   Out of all the people we were the only “white skins”, as we are called, in the whole town. 


We can buy shoes there as long as we like one style and one color.



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