Monday, April 13, 2009


We have been in PNG for 8 months now and hardly know where to start as far as describing the differences between here and America.  I will start with a few that come to mind and write about more later. 


Season – There are 2 seasons here.  Rainy and dry season.  We are definitely in the rainy season now.  It is from about December to May but can vary quite a bit.  There are very few days when we don’t have some parts of the day where the sun shines.  The last few months it has rained every day but the difference is that it almost never rains in the morning.  It will be sunny and in will be 70-80 degrees and then in the afternoon it will cloud up and sometime just pour buckets of rain.  You’d think we’d remember to always bring an umbrella but will still forget often.  Today marks the 4th day we have had no rain!


Power – The power here is 220 volts instead of 110.  The power goes out almost every day but the backup generators kick in real quickly.  When it is on it fluctuates quite a bit so we have to constantly adjust our LED alarm clock.  Some days it will gain a few minutes and some days lose a few.  Electricity is expensive here so almost all lights are fluorescent tubes which take a few seconds to turn on.  Also one thing that is hard to get used to is the light switches are small toggles that your switch down for on and up for off.  All outlets also have switches next to them.


TV and radio - We brought a small TV and DVD player with us and watch movies sometimes.  People loan each other DVDs that they brought or that people send them.  There is one radio and one TV station but we can’t get either.  We have all really been getting into reading since we have been here.

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