Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our first mumu

Delma is a Papuan New Guinean woman that has become a friend and  Jessica especially likes her.  She invited us to her village for a traditional mumu.  A mumu is where food is cooked underground.  First stones are heated  up over a fire then the stones are placed in a hole.  A variety of meats and vegetables are wrapped in lots of banana leaves and put on top of the stones.  This is covered with  plastic and it is all covered with a mound of dirt.  After several hours it is all cooked and ready to eat.   


Today we caravanned with three other families to Delma’s village.  Each family  4 kids so there was a total of 16 kids!  The ride to her place was muddy and the road had big ruts in it. 


We met Delma’s family and talked for and ate for a few hours.  The kids had fun chasing the sheep in the sheep pen. 

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