Friday, May 29, 2009

Learning to wait

We hurried to get ready to go to church Sunday morning not knowing what to expect.  The night before, we were told we were going to another village to celebrate Martin Luther’s first communion.  We walked about a half a mile to the main road to wait for a PMV (Public Motor Vehicle).  We got to the main road about 9:00 and waited.  We played lots of games of Uno and the kids climbed the Cocoa trees.  One hour passed and no PMV.  More time passed and finally about noon the PMV came.   There were probably 300 people there and kids were singing and dancing.  A man saw us sit on the ground and brought us chairs.  We felt conspicuous as we were the only non-PNG people there and the only ones sitting in chairs.  We sat under an enormous mango tree to shade us from the hot midday sun.  There were lots of ripe mangoes and every once in a while one would fall on someone’s head.


Daniel and Michael sat with me (Paul) and the girls sat together.  Women and men don’t usually sit together in public.  We went through our drinking  water quickly as it was very hot and we’d been out for hours.   At about 1:30 they had a break where they passed out green coconuts to drink and bunches of buai.  Between dodging mangoes, being hungry and thirsty, not being able to fully understand what was being said and being constantly stared at our kids were very patient and did well.  After a few more hours they served chicken and fish and boiled sweet potatoes.  They served us first which we were thankful because we were so hungry.  There were several speakers and lots of kids dancing in traditional dress.  At about 4:30 the PMV came and picked us up.  I counted 85 people getting onto this vehicle that was probably designed to seat about 30 people for the 2 mile ride back to our village house.


All in all it was a great cultural experience for the whole family.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back from Cairns Australia

We flew from Port Moresby to Aiyura air strip Monday on our way home from Cairns.  We flew really low the whole way which gave us an awesome view of the country.  We were amazed to see how remote Ukarumpa is and how many tiny villages there are that are completely isolated.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flight to Cairns Australia

Laura, Jessica, and I (Paul) flew to Cairns so I could have surgery to repair a  hernia.  We flew on a Beechcraft King Air from Aiyura airstrip to Cairns, Australia.  You can see an aerial view of Ukarumpa in one of the pictures.  When we arrived in Australia, we were met by 4 people in masks and gowns and an infrared sensor to detect if anybody had a fever and was sick with the Swine Flu.


I had surgery  Friday afternoon, spent the night, and  was released Saturday.  I will go back to the doctor Friday, May 15th and if all is well we will return to PNG on May 18th

Bugs and animals in PNG

Here are some pictures of bugs and animals we and other have taken while here on PNG.  There is an amzing amount of interesting creatures here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Car wash

Paul and the girls went down to the river to wash the truck. You just park it in the shallow part and wash it then use a bucket to rinse. We had to go through some big ruts in the road on the way back but unfortunately it got a little dirty again but we sure had fun.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Giant Beetle

We were walking up to our house today and saw this beetle in our front yard.  It looked like some kind of pre-historic creature.  It must have been about 2 inches long.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kids Activites

We are limited in what we do for entertainment here.  No TV, radio, Hollywood Video, shopping malls so our kids play outside a lot.  Daniel and Paul have started playing chess, Michael like to build things, Rachel likes to do puppets.  All of us have really been enjoying reading a lot.