Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shoes and One Big Boy

When we asked people what to bring to Papua New Guinea the number one response was shoes.  We do a lot of walking here on rough, rocky roads and shoes don’t last as long as we’re used to.  Also it’s basically impossible to get shoes for kids here unless we buy used ones from other missionaries but then theirs have worn out too! 


Well we brought a lot of shoes for the kids.  For each of them we brought a variety of shoes for each size anticipating a stay of 4 years before coming to the US for furlough.   Four kids, four years…that’s a lot of shoes.  Tonight we had a shoe sorting party and we got a big surprise.  Daniel’s feet are bigger than mine!!!  The shoes he was going to wear in two years, give or take a bit, fit him now!  Sooooo Michael’s shoe pile is quite large now that we’ve moved the bulk of Daniel’s shoes to his.


All of this is to say that Daniel is growing up a lot faster than we figured. 

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