Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trip to Goroka

We went to Goroka to pick up our friends at the airport. It is a 2 hour trip and the scenery was amazing. There are several coffee roaster in town and lots of people bring their coffee to sell.

Us about to pass a fully loaded truck of bags of coffee

The picture don't fully show the beautiful scenery

The lumber yard

A woman selling her hand made jewelery

The Goroka senior center.

We spent the night at the Luthern guest hosue

The open air market

This man will fix your shoes while you wait

Laura waiting for our friends at the airport. We drove the white truck in the picture. You can get much closer parking than that.

The Goroka LDS or Mormon church is the nicest, newest building in town.

A typical shop in town.

We stopped to go to the bathroom and a crowd came out to greet us from a local village.

We felt like celebrities.

They showed us a banner there made for the their local school

Almost all the bridges are one lane. Not sure who has the right of way if someone is coming. Never had to figure that out :)

The roadside food stand. The pineapples were going for about $.50 USD each.

The only place to buy diesel in between Ukarumpa and Goroka is a roadside stand like this.

A beautiful winding road leading up to a village

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