Thursday, August 6, 2009

Australian Differences

PNG was ruled by Australia until they gained their independence in 1975.  You can still see lot of Australian influence here.  Here are some of the differences we have noticed:


Toilets are called Loos

You don’t call somebody you ring them

Light switch down for off

Cheddar cheese is white

If someone “lucked out” that means they didn’t get it

“Good on you” means good job

They say “No worries” when you tell them thank you

Aluminum is pronounced “Al u minium”

After singing happy birthday they say “hip hip hooray” 3 times

Instead of coffee breaks they have tea time

Chemist Is the pharmacy

Diapers are nappyies

You queue up instead of getting in line

Trunks of cars are called boots

Bonnet is the hood of a car

Esky is a cooler

Vacations are called holidays

Candy is lolli

Elevators are lifts

Liquor store is a bottle shop




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