Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We’ve just returned from our first family vacation in PNG. The truck we’ve been using for several months died the day before we were due to leave. We are soooo glad that it didn’t die on the way to Lae, our vacation destination. Lae is one of the two largest cities in Papua New Guinea. It’s a 3 ½ hours drive from Ukarumpa and the drive is…how should I say it …interesting! Lae has the nickname pot hole city.

We had a great time shopping; there were a couple of stores that almost made us feel like we were in the US. It was H-O-double T hot but the mission guest house had a pool and the kids swam for hours. There were several families there from Ukarumpa including one of Rachel’s best friends. They played life guard rescue and took turns flailing around in the water – quite entertaining.

There have been many deaths in PNG due to cholera and there is a newly set up cholera treatment center in Lae. We had the wonderful treat of eating out a few times and we were careful to not drink water or uncooked vegetables. Paul read about a pizza place and we asked a friend about it. He said “Well… it’s right across from the cholera treatment center…I wouldn’t eat there!

Our travel was uneventful and we are so thankful for a safe trip and some time away as a family.

If you get this by email you can go to our blog to see the slide show with lots of pictures.

Looking at homemade clothes at the market

Enjoying a supper after a swim in the pool

Some of the potholes

Women selling peanuts at the market

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kodiak Arrival

The Kodiak arrived safely in Ukarumpa Friday.  The whole center shut down and many went to watch it land. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Kodiak plane is on its way to PNG!

Aviation is an important part of the work we support here in PNG. Most
translators must be flown to the village they are working in. Most of the
aircraft that are used here are the Cessna 206s which uses avgas which is
very hard to get here. It is shipped in 55 gallon drums and then trucked up
to Ukarumpa.

The Kodiak is a new airplane that uses jet A fuel which is available in
country. It carries more people and cargo to remote villages, requires less
maintenance per flight hour and travels faster than existing aircraft used


Saturday at about 12:20 pm, the Kodiak departed on its ferry flight to Papua
New Guinea! This represents the culmination of years of planning,
preparation, and work. After a group at JAARS in North Carolina gathered
around and prayed for the pilot and the flight, it departed with the first
stop only 10 miles away - so that he could put an extra 300 gallons of fuel
into an extra fuel tank installed in the cabin. This was the first takeoff
at the FAA authorized 130% of gross weight and needed to be from a longer
runway than JAARS has. From there they flew to Oklahoma City, where a second
pilot was picked up. On Sunday they flew on to Santa Maria, California. On
Monday, if the wind and weather permit, they will fly to Hawaii, the longest
leg of the flight. From there they will take several more hops across the
Pacific, and finally up to the highlands of PNG, where it will begin serving
Bible translation work. 


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Before we left the United States the primary school kids in our church wrote messages to us on quilt squares.  Laura went to a ladies’ craft day and finished making a quilt with the squares.  When we look at it we’ll remember our friends back home.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Independence day

Today was a public holiday to celebrate PNG's independence from Australia in 1975. Some friends of ours invited us over for a picnic and to play on their home made slip and slide.

This is the second PNG independence day we have celebrated. Here is a link to last years celebration.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mountain Bike ride

One of the hobbies I have picked up here is mountain biking with a group of guys on the weekends.  It is great exercise and a way to relieve stress.  The views around here are spectacular. 


You can see Ukarumpa in the background in one of the pictures.


Saturday, September 5, 2009


Saturday afternoon I decided to go off center on a mountain bike ride.  I rode about 10 miles and stopped to rest in front of a village.  As usual lots of kids came to look at the foreigner and asked me where I was going.  It took me a while to explain that I was just out riding around for fun and not going anyplace in particular.  They just couldn’t understand why someone would want to do that.

The kids had a  basketball court setup and the kids seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet Jackie Boo Boo

OK – his name is really Jack.  He’s the newest addition to our family, a German Shepherd/Lab mix.  Around here dogs are popular, especially German Shepherd, for extra security.  There are oodles of puppies on center right now as the closest vet is 3 ½ hours away and a lot of dogs here aren’t fixed.  Rachel donated her purple teddy bear to Jack.  He’s still getting used to being away from his mommy but he’s adjusting quickly.  He loves to cuddle and romp around.