Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Kodiak plane is on its way to PNG!

Aviation is an important part of the work we support here in PNG. Most
translators must be flown to the village they are working in. Most of the
aircraft that are used here are the Cessna 206s which uses avgas which is
very hard to get here. It is shipped in 55 gallon drums and then trucked up
to Ukarumpa.

The Kodiak is a new airplane that uses jet A fuel which is available in
country. It carries more people and cargo to remote villages, requires less
maintenance per flight hour and travels faster than existing aircraft used


Saturday at about 12:20 pm, the Kodiak departed on its ferry flight to Papua
New Guinea! This represents the culmination of years of planning,
preparation, and work. After a group at JAARS in North Carolina gathered
around and prayed for the pilot and the flight, it departed with the first
stop only 10 miles away - so that he could put an extra 300 gallons of fuel
into an extra fuel tank installed in the cabin. This was the first takeoff
at the FAA authorized 130% of gross weight and needed to be from a longer
runway than JAARS has. From there they flew to Oklahoma City, where a second
pilot was picked up. On Sunday they flew on to Santa Maria, California. On
Monday, if the wind and weather permit, they will fly to Hawaii, the longest
leg of the flight. From there they will take several more hops across the
Pacific, and finally up to the highlands of PNG, where it will begin serving
Bible translation work. 


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