Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We’ve just returned from our first family vacation in PNG. The truck we’ve been using for several months died the day before we were due to leave. We are soooo glad that it didn’t die on the way to Lae, our vacation destination. Lae is one of the two largest cities in Papua New Guinea. It’s a 3 ½ hours drive from Ukarumpa and the drive is…how should I say it …interesting! Lae has the nickname pot hole city.

We had a great time shopping; there were a couple of stores that almost made us feel like we were in the US. It was H-O-double T hot but the mission guest house had a pool and the kids swam for hours. There were several families there from Ukarumpa including one of Rachel’s best friends. They played life guard rescue and took turns flailing around in the water – quite entertaining.

There have been many deaths in PNG due to cholera and there is a newly set up cholera treatment center in Lae. We had the wonderful treat of eating out a few times and we were careful to not drink water or uncooked vegetables. Paul read about a pizza place and we asked a friend about it. He said “Well… it’s right across from the cholera treatment center…I wouldn’t eat there!

Our travel was uneventful and we are so thankful for a safe trip and some time away as a family.

If you get this by email you can go to our blog to see the slide show with lots of pictures.

Looking at homemade clothes at the market

Enjoying a supper after a swim in the pool

Some of the potholes

Women selling peanuts at the market

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