Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trip to Madang

My brother came to visit and spent Christmas with us. After Christmas
Daniel, my brother and I drove about 5 hours to Madang and stayed at the
center (POC) where we had our initial training for 2 days. Then we spent 3
days in the village where our family lived for 5 weeks last year. We
went snorkeling, fishing for tuna and spent lots of time visiting with
our village family. They really enjoyed getting to know my brother.
After we dropped my brother of at the airport, Daniel and I made the 5
hour adventurous drive back to Ukarumpa. We had a great vacation; the
only downside was that we were held up at gunpoint. It was really scary
but we're thankful to be safe.
You may need to go to our blog to see the slideshow if you get this by

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