Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coffee Roaster

Our kids have been on school break so we decided to drive to the next
city Goroka, about a 2 hour drive. We did some second hand clothes
shopping and ate at a restaurant a few times. We weren't sure if we
were going to be able to go because the bridge had been closed on the
one road there. The ground on one side of it had some major ruts that
caused our car to bottom out but we made it alright.

Our favorite PNG grown coffee is Arabicas which is roasted right in
Goroka. We took a tour of the processing site which was a large
building with a handful of machines. Large burlap sacks of freshly
picked coffee beans are bought and stacked waiting to be ground. We
were shown the huge coffee grinder and another machine that roasts it
and spins the grounds to cool them. An elderly looking man climbed
barefoot onto a box so he could pour the ground coffee into a machine
that dumps it into bags. Another barefoot guy took each bag and handed
them to a guy that weighed them and took a bit out or added a bit. Last
but not least a lady sealed the bags and they were date stamped. It was
strange to see a few people packing the bags one by one.

We bought 2 bags of coffee while we were there that had just been
roasted and our car smelled wonderful all the way home.

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