Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hauling Coffee

A friend of ours, Dariaso, grows coffee in her village and had no way to
get it to market to sell. She lives in a remote village and no PMV
(Public Motor Vehicle) will come get it because the road is so steep and

Dariaso spent hours picking the ripe coffee and dried it in the sun.
She waited until the road had dried out enough for a truck to make it
through and asked me if I would pick up the coffee and take it to the
buyer. Last week I took off early from lunch and went to her village.
As I went down an incredibly steep and narrow road I realized there were
no tire tracks; it was more like a walking trail. I picked up Dariaso's
husband along the way and he showed me the road to their place. We
would drive to where the road seemed to end and he told me to drive
between some village houses, which seemed odd to me. We finally showed
up and were greeted by about 20 kids that came running up when I got out
of the truck. Everybody wanted to shake my hand and several older
ladies were rubbing my arms. I don't think they had seen too many
"white skins" before and certainly most of them had never seen a car in
their village.

We loaded up the truck with about 7 - 60 kg bags of dried coffee beans
and were off. I had to put the truck in low 4 wheel drive and about
half way up the hill I got stuck. The front axle was completely stuck
in mud so there was no way we could move. We prayed that we could be
able to get out and after unloading the coffee bags and digging for
about 30 minutes we were able to. When we finally got to where they
wanted to sell the coffee the buyers had left for the day. We decide to
drive to Kainantu where there were other buyers. I hadn't brought my
license or any money with me since we hadn't planned to be going on any
main roads. Half way there a police officer stopped us at a road block
and asked me for my license. After a short lecture and a K45 (about
$17) ticket which had to be paid on the spot, (Dariaso had kina with
her) we were on our way. We backed up to a warehouse and unloaded the
bags where they gave our friends K1900 (about $700) for the coffee.
They were very happy to get this money because it is one of the few
sources of income they have.

I am really bummed because when I was loading the pictures onto my
computer I accidentally deleted them :(

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Jon said...

I know you were sad about deleting the photos, but up to that sentence I was visualizing what was happening and felt I was right there with you! You did a great job serving and it is neat to read how God is using you all there in PNG!

Bummer about the license.