Friday, August 27, 2010

When you win a pig...

A PNG pharmacy had a promotion to get people to come to their store.  The prize was a large pig, which is very valuable in PNG culture. 

The ad translated into English reads:

What can you do with this pig?

·         Have a big meal with your extended family

·         Buy a wife

·         Pay someone back for what you owe them

·         Look out after it and raise piglets!

Where can you get it???  The pharmacy!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pretty Dresses

Our national friend, Mesley, has six children.  One of them, his daughter Stephany, wrote this poem…
I was surprised when I read this.  Sometimes the national girls have pretty clothes, sometimes they’re plain and worn and sometimes they have gaping holes and tears.  I knew having money to buy clothes was an issue here but I didn’t realize that girls here thought of clothes as anything but functional.  What a sweet poem.  I wish I could give all the little girls pretty dresses. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A life changed

The progression of a miracle...

An expat couple friends of ours new a man who had a baby that was born with a cleft palate.
The man and his wife brought the baby to this couple to ask for help; they couldn't feed the baby and he was starving.
Jennie spent hours painstakingly feeding the baby and for quite a while he lived with her and her husband.
Eventually they adopted this baby boy.  He's had several surgeries to repair his palate and he's a healthy 2nd grader!

A young couple had their 3rd child in a village far from here and she was born with severe clef palate and other deformities in her face.
This young mom was on a public motor vehicle holding her baby, Jerolyn, who was carefully wrapped so others wouldn't see her.
The  kind lady sitting next to her used was a friend of Jenny!  She knew that they had saved their son's life and she told Rachel that she would take her to see them.

Rachel came to Ukarumpa and developed a relationship with our friends.  Jennie again spent hours feeding a baby whose life was on the line.  She contacted the Children First Foundation and they agree to fly Rachel and baby Jerolyn down for the complex surgeries she needed, all expenses paid!
The doctors discovered that Jerolyn's brain was protruding through the palate.  If she didn't have surgery, she would die.
The surgeries were successful and Jerolyn is a beautiful, healthy girl!



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