Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Daniel has a friend named Freddy in his class at school.  Friday night Freddy's sister, Betty, came home from youth group, sat down to eat and collapsed.  Her heart had stopped and efforts to revive her failed.  Betty was a 14 year old Papua New Guinean who loved the Lord.  She had a heart condition but was full of life so it was unexpected when she died. 

I've been trying to imagine her in heaven, with the Lord - seeing Him and all He's prepared for her.  This afternoon I went to her funeral.  The meeting house here at the mission center was packed to full capacity.  It was a wonderful service.

Her extended family has come from the village and friends and family have gathered for the 3rd night of mourning.  Her body is in her house and her immediate family are inside quietly crying and moaning.  They take a lot of time to say goodbye and it seems so good to take the time to let it sink in that she's gone.  Super long strips of bamboo were cut and placed in the yard to make a tall arch every few few feet. There were other pieces for support. An enormous tarp was laid over the bamboo arches.  There are over 100 people  there now and most will sit in there all night.  Betty's body will be buried tomorrow in her mother's village. 

This community has been touched by Betty's peace, happiness, kindness and helpfulness.

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Michelle Beeman said...

Praying for Betty's family and friends. I like what you said about it being good to take time to let the fact that she's gone to soak in. Andy and I had a good friend here in Germany, Jimmy, who was deployed to Afganistan. He was killed in combat last weekend-only 32, left behind a young wife and 2 young children. He loved and followed Jesus-praise God, but we are shocked and grieving. It seems especially hard when the person is young and their death is sudden and unexpected.
Thank you for sharing.