Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yopno: Where Once the Boulders Stood

For the past 27 years, Wes and LeeAnn and their children have had to either hike three hours or use a helicopter to reach their isolated village. In 1995 the Yopno people began to construct an airstrip, using hand tools and muscle. By early 2009 they had nearly completed the strip, except for many large boulders which were too heavy to remove. They were dependent on God to solve this problem, and he helped them in unique way.
When God created the animals, He made a very special kind of tree kangaroo and placed it in the same area as the Yopno people. Several years ago an animal conservation organization from the USA began studying these tree kangaroos and helping the Yopno to set aside a safe habitat for them. To show their gratitude for being allowed to study the tree kangaroos, the organization helped complete the airstrip. They obtained funding for equipment and dynamite to blast the many large boulders. Now in the place where the rocks once stood, airplanes are able to land...just in time to deliver God's Book to the Yopno people.

The Kodiak aircraft arrives on Dedication day, where once the boulders stood.
Photo by Karen Weaver

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