Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas eve day ride

One of my favorite things to do here in Papua New Guinea is go motorcycle riding off center.  This afternoon myself and 4 others went on a ride and tried a road we had never been on before.  The road quickly turned into a foot trail then disappeared all together. 

We ended up on a hill where we couldn't turn around.  As we stopped a crowd of people gathered and offered to guide us down the deep grassy hill. 

I kept having to tell them not to grab onto the exhaust of the engine or they would burn their hands. 

We ended up at a barb wire fence and couldn't get over it.  Some of the kids offered to break some of the fence posts and push down the barb wire so we could get across. 

We finally got out of the deep grass and thought we were out of our predicament but realized we had to ride down a slippery gully and cross a stream and ride back up again.  Again there we lots of people offering to help push our bikes out of this gully.  When we finally got to a regular dirt road we felt bad about the men breaking down their fence for us.  One of the guys offered his nice Buck knife to the village leader and they all seemed happy with this. 

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