Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kainantu Hospital

Some of you may remember our friend Liwai had a baby in February 2010
and they named her Laura or "Rola" after Laura. She came to us last
week very upset and baby Laura looked horrible. A few days later we
learned that she had been admitted to the nearest hospital about a half
hour drive away.

There is a clinic here on the center that provides excellent medical
care but it is outpatient only. When nationals need overnight care they
go to the "haus sik" in Kainantu. We would never dream of going there
for medical care. No food is provided and even worse there is no
running water!

Friday Paul drove there on his motorcycle to see little Laura was doing
and bring Liwai some water and food. Laura has improved quite a bit but
still has a ways to go.

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