Friday, January 7, 2011

Banana Block Baby Blanket Blessing

When Paul went to Australia our friend Helen sent him back with a
suitcase of baby blankets and washcloths to give to mothers here. Often
when a baby is born in Papua New Guinea, the family doesn't have
anything for the baby, no clothes or blankets, not even anything for

Last weekend we went to "Banana Block", a settlement down by the river
to visit Liwai, baby Rola, and their family and to hand out blankets for
all the babies. It was fun to watch one mother after another file by
with their babies in their arms to receive their blanket and washcloth.
In each village we visit there are many, many children and babies. I
told Paul I should have asked them "so what do you do in your spare
time?" :-)

This was truly a Banana Block baby blanket blessing (try saying that 7
times fast).

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Tamara said...

That is a tongue twister! Banana Block Baby Blanket Blessing. I liked seeing the photos of this special time.