Friday, February 11, 2011

Learning to read

Tuesday Laura gave our friend, Dariaso, her first reading lesson. She
wants to learn to learn to read so she can read the Bible. Jessica was
surprised to see Dariaso using her phonics book!

Dariaso is such a sweet woman! She has one grown son and cares for four
children that are not her own. Each week she walks four hours round
trip from her village to our house to work. We're so thankful for her
help and her friendship and can't wait to hear her read her first Bible

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Quality shoes are hard to come by in Papua New Guinea. A friend in
the US, Kirsten, saw a photo that Paul had taken of a national boy. His
shoes were literally hanging together by threads, just barely covering
his feet. Kirsten and others worked together to collect and ship over
200 pairs of shoes to PNG and they arrived!

We've been able to bless several families already with these great
shoes. One family, Steven and Betty and their five children are
national translators and Steven is head of the Bible Translation
Association in this area. They were planning to fly to their village
and would have to hike for a day from the airstrip to get to their home
but they didn't have shoes for the children. Paul went over to their
house and measured their feet and came back with shoes for each of them
and just in time...they were leaving the next morning! Their second
youngest was zipping around the yard loving the feeling of his new
shoes. They were thrilled to have shoes, especially shoes that wouldn't
fall apart in a month like the shoes you can buy here.