Monday, May 30, 2011

Bible Dedication

Last Sunday we attended the dedication of the Agarabi New Testament.  This language group is the oldest translation project in Papua New Guinea.  It was started in 1959.  We are the support team for the American couple that helped do the translation.

It was about a 1 mile walk to the village where the dedication was. 

It started at about 11 and ended about 2.  There were singing groups and some men who did a drama to show how life was back before the missionaries came.

Here are some women seeing the Bible in the Agarabi language for the first time.

Our job was to coordinate transportation for over 200 expatriates to get to the village.

We were surprised when we found out that we were honored guests and were seated on the grandstand.  There were probably about 600 people in attendance.

Another responsibility we had was buying the food for all the guests.  I wondered how we were going to keep all this food fresh that we bought 2 days before the dedication, especially the 40 chickens.  Then it occurred to me that we just keep them alive until the morning of the dedication.

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