Thursday, May 5, 2011


One of the largest language groups in PNG with over 30,000 speakers is
about to receive the New Testament in their language for the first
time. Three consecutive teams have translated for years. The
translated scriptures have been checked, rechecked, typeset and printed
and soon there will be a huge celebration. We are the support team for
the expat family who is back in the US right now. We are working on
arranging transportation for about 200 people from our center.
Thankfully it is one of the easier to access areas and is only a half
hour drive away.

Here is a picture of our friends Darasi and his son, Sakias, two of the
main translators for this language.

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Andrew said...

What is the language called?
Also, I noticed that the tag on the R-hand side said I was visiting from Kusel, Rhineland, Phalz, DE when actually Kusel is about a 1/2 N of me-how funny it picked a town close to me-but not the biggest city closest to me!
Thanks for the updates!