Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prison visit

A while back myself and 3 other guys went to a jail that was about 1/2 hour drive away for prison ministry. It was quite an experience. One of my favorite movies is the Great Escape and the prison really reminded me of the prison camp from that movie.
About a month before our visit some men visited the prison and asked if anyone would like a Bible and about 100 men said yes. The purpose of our visit was to distribute the Bibles that had been collected and share the gospel with the prisoners. Close to a hundred men came to listen. We were at one end of a long cinder block room and the only exit was on the other side of the prisoners. We started out the meeting with prayer. At first I had my eyes closed but when I then I thought it might be a good idea to pray with my eyes open!
Some gave us letters to mail; we were their only hope of communicating with their families. The guards skimmed each letter to make sure there were no escape plans. Prison escapes are common in Papua New Guinea.

It was a great experience to cheer these men up for at least a couple of hours. They are in such a dismal place.

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