Monday, July 4, 2011


Currently, we're in Orlando, Florida where Wycliffe Bible Translator's headquarters are located.  We are attending a re-entry training program here and staying in a Wycliffe apartment for a couple of weeks.

We are amazed at how many things have changed or that we have forgotten about.  Jessica, our youngest does not have very many memories of the USA.  Here are some of our conversations with her.

Laura: When we are in the US we will not have to hang our laundry outside to dry but put it in a machine to dry it.
Jessica: Why?
Laura:  Houses in the US have a machine that blows warm air around the house when we get cold.  They also have a machine that washes dishes for us.
Jessica: Weird!

In PNG our kids took turns doing dishes by hand and were pretty excited at how easy it is to do them here with the dishwasher.
Daniel doing dishes the hard way in PNG

When we first got here we went to a super Wal-Mart and just stood in the entrance looking around in amazement.  The choices of products was pretty overwhelming.  In all we spent about 4 hours that shopping trip.

The day after we arrived in the US Rachel turned 12 and got her ears pierced.  She could have had it done in PNG with a sac sac needle (sort of like a giant, skinny thorn) but we thought it would be best to wait and have it done here!
Rachel getting her ears pierced at Wal-mart

Rachel showing off her new earrings

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