Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wopapa Church

This is a Church in a village near where we live. The village name is Wopapa (sounds like wall paper). It is about a 2 hour walk to get there. About 15 minutes on my motorcycle.

Here are some facts about this church.  It was built in 1995.  There are about 215 adults and 300 children that attend.  Service is on Saturday from 9-12 am and then from 4-6.

The inside of the church. Wood plank pews and dirt floor.

The walls are made of woven bamboo and the roof is made of grass.

Our friend Opama, Dariasso and their 2 kids.  They live right next door to the church.  She is a deacon there and she is very busy helping people with needs.  They don't have a dedicated pastor so Opama sometimes teaches.

The village hired a man to bring his portable saw mill in and cut some lumber.  The plan is to eventually build a more permanent building.  They spent several weeks cutting lumber out in the middle of a forrest and then had 3 men sleep with the saw so it wouldn't be stolen.

Here are some of the kids from the village.  They really need to expand the church because there are so many people that attend.

This view is from the pulpit.  The rafter structure is very interesting.

You can see the building is starting to deteriorate.  There are holes in one side of the roof so one side is going to get wet when it rains.  It is interesting that in lots of church's in PNG the men sit on one side and the woman on the other.  I didn't ask who sits on the leaky side when it rains.

Here you can see daylight right through the roof.

Here are a few houses nearby the chuch.
Here is Dariaso having lunch with Jessica.  You can tell by her smile that she is very sweet woman.
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