Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are we nuts?

How can it be that we've already been back in Papua New Guinea 1 1/2 months? We've unpacked and gotten back to school and work. In some ways it's good to be back but in others it's pretty hard.

This past week I was especially down, missing our friends and family. Everything will change so much while we're gone and in spite of email and facebook we'll still be out of the loop to an extent.

Recently I was hanging laundry and the Holy Spirit reminded me "This was my idea." Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that we're here because of Him. We're here because God called us and we said yes. That helps put the hard things about being here in perspective. We're not nuts; we're obeying - sometimes I forget!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Kainantu Bridge

This week Laura and I traveled over the Kainantu bridge two times.  We prayed each and breathed a sigh of relief each time we made it across.  Everything we get has to come across this bridge and it is in danger of falling down at anytime.  You can see from the picture that the support on one side is  sinking.  A new bridge has been ordered  but it's hard to imagine that the new one will be put up before the old one falls.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bible Translation Weekend

There is a group here at our mission center whose job is to inform the PNG churches about the work our organization is doing. Their goal is to generate interest and support in Bible translation.

I had the chance to go on a trip this last weekend with about 18 national men and women and 4 expats.  We drove to Madang, a city on the coast about a 5 hour drive from here, and stayed from Friday until Monday.  The drive went very well since it hasn't rained in a while.  We had one minor breakdown but were able to fix it as one of the men was a mechanic.  

We spoke at a youth group Friday night and then at a pastors' conference Saturday afternoon.  We then split up into groups of 3 and went to various churches to speak.  I went to a Church with Ken and Rebecca.  We asked the pastor when the service started and he kind of chuckled and said around 9:30.  Papua New Guineans are not really time oriented like us Americans.  We intro-duced ourselves and then did 2 skits and then I gave my testimony.  This all lasted about 2 hours.  I was told that I should dress formally so I borrowed some black slacks and wore a long sleeve button down shirt.  My speaking time was at the very end of the service so I sat in the front of the church with sweat pouring off of me.  It went very well and the people were very interested and moved by the work we are doing. Many of the people didn't realize that so many Papua New Guineans don't have the Word of God in their own language. This trip was a very stretching experience for me and I am glad I went.  It was great to be used by God.  

Getting ready to leave Ukarumpa 
One of the scary bridge we crossed on the way.  If you don't line up your tires just right you will get a flat 
The gear shift linkage came loose and we had to fix it along the way.

Our display at a pastors meeting

Paul with one of the pastors 
Paul in front of our display Sunday morning.

We used a paper flip chart for our presentation

Paul speaking Sunday morning

The church provided lunch and drinks for us after the service.  The pastor is in the red tie in the back.

Fruit bats in Madang 
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