Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are we nuts?

How can it be that we've already been back in Papua New Guinea 1 1/2 months? We've unpacked and gotten back to school and work. In some ways it's good to be back but in others it's pretty hard.

This past week I was especially down, missing our friends and family. Everything will change so much while we're gone and in spite of email and facebook we'll still be out of the loop to an extent.

Recently I was hanging laundry and the Holy Spirit reminded me "This was my idea." Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that we're here because of Him. We're here because God called us and we said yes. That helps put the hard things about being here in perspective. We're not nuts; we're obeying - sometimes I forget!

[see attached file: DSC_0003.JPG]

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