Friday, June 29, 2012

PNG Elections

Election time is coming up soon in PNG.  This is the first one we have experienced since we have lived here and it is much different that elections we have experienced in the states.  It can be a violent time during the actual voting times and we are advised not to travel to cities at this time.  

I went for a mountain bike ride and we were on a road were hundreds of people were traveling to a get together for one of the candidates.  Many were dressed in traditional dress and blackened their skin with the ash of burned tires.  I wondered why many of the kids had shaved just the top of their heads and not the sides and later realized their were trying to imitate the candidates receding hairline.  

On the start of our ride we met a young man named Willie.  He wanted to join us for the ride so we let him.  He only had one working gear and had to work his rear brake by putting his foot on the lever because the cable was broken.  He went everywhere we went on the 4 hour ride but didn't sweat nearly as much as I did.

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