Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kingston Bridge

Right before the 4th of July a large coffee truck went across the bridge between our center and the Highlands Highway and some of the beams snapped.  This is the bridge that I mentioned before that was in danger of collapsing.  The bridge is passible now but we are waiting for the government to replace it with a new one.  You can see by the pictures how rusty the old beams were that were replaced.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I often take motorcycle rides off center and almost always see something new. 

Baru and his grandson.  Baru lost 2 fingers in an accident years ago operating a machine.

The rolling hills of the Highlands

I stopped to take some pictures and several people stopped to talk


A house made almost entirely of materials from the land

I stopped to watch a group of boys playing rugby

The dirt road that I went on

I stopped and these people asked if I would take their picture. 

A woman carrying firewood

A typical Highlands house with a grass roof

This is a primary school