Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Agarabi Jesus Film showing

This weekend I had the great honor of spending the night in a village and showing the Jesus Film. Some have seen it in English or Tok Pisin but this is the first time anybody has seen it in the Agarabi language.  I estimated there were about 600 people watching.  The people I talked with afterward said they were very interested and they could really understand it. 

We plan to show the video in the 70 villages that speak the Agarabi language.
Loading up the rented truck.  I went by myself and my friend Morris met me in his village where he had coordinated everything
These people were attending an outdoor church service and waiting for it to get dark so we could show the video
I tried to park my truck where it wasn't too conspicuous
Usually the men sit around the edges when there is a church service.
We hung a sheet on the side of a building and setup the projector and speaker while people sat down to watch.
Everyone was very intently watching.
My friend Morris' daughter and her child.  I spent the night in Morris' house.
I enjoyed getting to know Morris and his extended family while I was a guest in his house.

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