Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Our travels went so incredibly smoothly!  A bonus was a day and a half layover in Singapore.  We stayed at the YMCA (very nice) and visited Little India, Chinatown and Sentosa Island.
Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore

There was a pool on the roof of the YMCA!

Stopping to ask directions

A religious ceremony in Little India - this man had about 100 hooks in his body and his tongue and cheeks were pierced by a metal rod.  All these chains, hooks and rods connected to the heavy burden he was carrying.

Enjoying a meal out and the warm air

For 10 Singapore dollars you can get a pedicure and manicure by hungry, nibbling fish!

Sentosa Island was amazing!  It's the southern most part of Asia.

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nino76 said...

Thanks for sharing your journey. Bless you all. Hoping for a short term assignment in Singapore possibly in 2015.