Sunday, March 16, 2014

Anniversary Outing

Today Paul and I rode the motorcycle to Kainantu for lunch to celebrate our 18th anniversary.
Some of the sights were beautiful.

Others - not so much.

We passed the coffin shop...

and the police station.

We crossed the infamous bridge.

Look who greeted us at the Kainantu Lodge!

We had a short chat with this guy...

and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.  Thank you Lord for 18 years together and all the adventures we have shared, are sharing and will share.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pinapple Story

Before we came to Papua New Guinea a friend loaned me a video called the Pineapple Story.  I found it really interesting at the time but now I fully understand it and the struggles the storyteller went through before he realized Who really owned the pineapple.

We have a small garden in our back yard with about 25 pineapples growing in it.   One has fruit on it but it takes up to two years for one to fully ripen. 
Pineapple in our back yard

This one if getting close to being ripe