Tuesday, June 17, 2014


When we came back in January I volunteered to be on the fire crew.  I had no prior experience but I was willing to learn.  We have about 8 guys that are part of the crew.  We each carry a radio and have a separate extension in our house that rings when someone calls to report a fire.  We have training one morning a month and we each have our own full set of turnout gear at the fire house.  We also have a fire truck that is a 1970 Japanese model that has been modified to carry extra water since we don't have many hydrants on centre.
Fire billowing out of the windows just before the fire truck pulled up

Saturday morning the fire phone rang.  It is a party line so we let it ring 3 times and then everyone is supposed to pick up.  When I picked it up I heard that the sauna was on fire!  The sauna is about 100 yards from our house so I ran down it and saw smoke billowing out of the windows.  I was the first one there and I checked to make sure nobody was in it and started to fill buckets from a nearby faucet.  I soon realized that the fire was too big for this.  A few minutes later the fire truck pulled up and we got the hose out and started spraying water.  We could tell the fire was in the walls so I put a hole in the wall and pried out the window.

I was impressed at how well we all worked as a team and got the fire out.  Nobody was hurt and and we were able to save the building.  All the training we have done paid off.
Me getting the pump ready on the fire truck

The fire crew in action

This is me during training

Jessica in front of our 1970's vintage Japanese fire truck
Michael on rode along with me on a training exercise

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Lauri Amandus said...

Hi Paul,
This was a pretty cool account of your fire experience. I guess I never thought about it happening on a mission compound but of course this makes perfect sense and must have made you feel really great about how well it turned out. I am glad it was not serious.

Keep those posts coming. I love reading them.