Sunday, June 8, 2014


Back in the states we took it for granted that we would always have clean, drinkable water whenever we needed it.

Paul filling our water tank from a neighbor's with a 4" fire hose.

I am part of the fire department here and we decided to test out the pump by pumping water from a neighbors tank about 150 meters away. 

Here is our house and the 9000 litre water tank to the right.  It catches rain water off the roof.  The smaller tank on top is the header tank that we pump full every day and then we have gravity fed water for the rest of the day, even in a power outage. 

Our stomachs are pretty sensitive so we filter the rainwater with a double bucket filter system.  It uses a ceramic filter to give us clean drinkable water

As a family of 6 we use quite a bit of water.  Our house has 2 sources of water.  Tank and RAM.  The RAM water is water that is pumped from a nearby creek and we only use that for flushing the toilet, bathing and washing clothes.  It is not drinkable because our stomachs are sensitive.  Many of the Papua New Guineans here drink it though and don't get sick.  After a big rain it is often brown in color from the flow.  When it is rainy season we usually run our house off of all tank.  Well it is now in the dry season and we haven't gotten a good rain for a couple of months and I realized that our tank was getting low.  We were able to pump water from a neighbor's tank to get us by for a while.  We are conserving by bathing and washing dishes in RAM water now.  We are praying for a nice big rain storm to fill our tank.

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