Friday, July 18, 2014


Here is the status of Bible translation around the world.  There are nearly 2200 translations in progress, and under 1900 languages likely needing translation.
More people have more access to Scripture that at any other time in history.
In 1999, there was an average of 25 translation starts per year; now it is 75 per year.
In 1999 the average New Testament took over 20 years to complete; today the average is under 10 years.

We praise God for the 143 Bible translation projects started last year.

It is also encouraging to see the progress in completed Scripture translation and the projections for the future.
                1930-2009            =             80 years                  718 translations completed
                2010-2029            =             20 years               1,600+ translations completed (projected)

It is great to be a part of Bible translation here in Papua New Guinea.

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