Sunday, October 12, 2014

Waskia Dedication

God's Word for the people of Karkar Island
Last week Daniel and I took a 45 minute flight on a Kodiak to Karkar Island for the Waskia New Testament dedication.

We were welcomed with flowers...
and dancing.
This is why we're here!

After the dedication ceremony we were invited to a meal in the village and greeted by dancers and drumming.
The ladies welcomed us and "blessed" us by filing by and whacking our legs with branches! I was so surprised and laughed so hard. Daniel said "well that's original". We truly felt like we were in a different world.

Papua New Guinea really is a different world...the land of the unexpected.
The Waskia people gave our mission a gift - this carved garamut. It is a drum used for ceremonies and celebrations and to send messages to other villages.
What a privilege to serve the Lord in this beautiful place!

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The Saucer said...

Laura, thanks for sharing your adventure in PNG. It is a whole different world from ours. God's blessing be upon you. :) Jenny