Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kapin dedication

I had the privilege of attending the scripture portion dedication for the Kapin language group.  Two men and a woman from our mission center and I met a team of 7 people from a church in Florida that helped fund the translation project in Lae.  They had been planning this trip for almost 2 years and were really excited to see the fruits of what they had been giving to.

Friday morning we left for the Kapin village.  I drove one land cruiser and we hired another one to take the luggage and some of the people.

One of several rivers we went through

Some places in the road were really bad

We drove on to a village in the language group and they had a small celebration and fed us.

We were greeted with frangipani leis and men and women dressed in traditional were dancing and singing.
 The next 3 villages we drove and hiked to were more remote.  We spent the night in a village where we had a worship service in a field with a full moon illuminating everything.  It was wonderful to hear the people singing to Jesus from their hearts.

We had to walk on the two poles to get into the house

This is the view we woke up to the first night.

The last 2 villages we visited were only accessible via very steep trails

Kids along the way helped us with our backpacks
One of the churches we visited on the way
I decided to only eat what we were served along the way.  The food was delicious. Yes, I even ate a grub.
Roasted grub

Fresh watermelon, papaya, and cucumbers

The visitors from the US brought photo albums from home to share with the villagers.  The people  loved to see the visitors' families.  It is great to see how important family and relationships are to most Papua New Guineans. 

We stopped at this auto parts store to get some brake fluid.

and gear oil

On the floor inside one of the churches

The man on the left is Roy.  He is the main translator for the Kapin language.

The headman reading the scripture portion for the first time in the church

Many villagers lined up to shake our hands and say goodbye

Stopping for fuel

We had only one flat tire on the trip

This trip was really encouraging to me, especially to see these people so excited about finally getting God's word in their own language. 

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The Saucer said...

Wow Paul, thanks for sharing your life and adventure in PNG. With all the technology around us it sometimes seems strange that many people in the world live very simple lives. Praise God for His work and bless you and your family for answering His call.