Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Today I took the day off and we drove our car into Kainantu, a town about 20 minutes away.  I needed some chain saw bar oil so Laura and I went into a hardware store.  I cracked my windows about 3" because it was so hot and locked the door only I forgot to bring the key with me.  Quite a crowd gathered around us as I tried to reach my hand through the window to get it unlocked.  A man handed me his 5 year old boy and I held the boy up so he could reach in and unlock it. He got his arm all the way in but unfortunately he could only reach the lock with his finger tips and couldn't unlock it.  The boy's elbow wouldn't come out so I had someone pull on the windows and I got the boy unstuck.  We were still locked out.  Several people offered to put their hands in the window and give it a try.  I had to turn several kind-hearted people away.  I asked around if someone had some wire and someone had the wire  from a broken umbrella.  After many tries we finally got the door unlocked and were on our way.  The lesson I learned today.  Always check if you have the key before you lock the door.

Laura took these pictures from the shade.

We saw a man selling an owl he had caught
There are 2 K-Marts in town.  Not anything like the K-Mart back in the US though.

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