Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Here in Papua New Guinea we are experiencing a major drought.  The last one this bad was back in 1997.  It has been said it is due to El NiƱo.  At our house we have a 9000 liter tank and a small header tank on the top of our roof.  Normally we collect rain water off our roof and it fills the big tank. We run a pump once a day to fill the small one on the roof and we have gravity fed water the rest of the day. We also have water coming to our house that is pumped from a river/creek (RAM) that is not drinkable.   A few months ago we ran out of water in our tank and had to filter RAM water which plugged our filter frequently.  We were thanking God that this last week we have had 2 major rains that have filled our tank half full.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

You know you're a missionary when...

Steps to get a document notarized:

Rent a vehicle to drive to the airport in Goroka
Drive 2 hours to Goroka
Wait several hours due to a delayed flight
Board flight then disembark due to warning lights
Wait several hours to find out your afternoon flight has been cancelled
Ask another mission if you can sleep at their guest house
Get a ride to the airport at 5 AM to get in line
Wait several hours due to a delayed flight
Fly to Port Moresby, go to the Embassy and get your document notarized
Fly back to Goroka the same day
Rent a vehicle to be picked up in Goroka
Submit the document
Discover the document was rejected due to an error but you've already sent the original with someone flying to the US
Receive an extension
Thank the good Lord that the guy from the Embassy is coming to Ukarumpa!
Get another notarized copy.
Attempt to upload the document but read that it is not possible.
Send the 2nd copy with someone flying to the US
Get a call from the US letting you know that the document has not been received and you have 2 1/2 hours to get it turned in
Get a fax number, ask your US church secretary if she'll fax it, email the scanned copy
Call to ask if it has been received and realize that you won't know if it was received for 24-36 hours
Success! Receive an email that the document was indeed received in time.