Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Here in Papua New Guinea we are experiencing a major drought.  The last one this bad was back in 1997.  It has been said it is due to El NiƱo.  At our house we have a 9000 liter tank and a small header tank on the top of our roof.  Normally we collect rain water off our roof and it fills the big tank. We run a pump once a day to fill the small one on the roof and we have gravity fed water the rest of the day. We also have water coming to our house that is pumped from a river/creek (RAM) that is not drinkable.   A few months ago we ran out of water in our tank and had to filter RAM water which plugged our filter frequently.  We were thanking God that this last week we have had 2 major rains that have filled our tank half full.

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The Saucer said...

Dear Paul and family,

I always enjoy reading about your life and ministry in PNG. We will pray for more rain for you guys.